To activate Hulu, open the Hulu app on your device and sign in. A message appears asking you to “Activate this device”.

To activate your Hulu app copy the code and go to and enter it in the box provided. Click activate or continue. Once successful, the app should now work on your device.

Activate Hulu On TV

  • Start the Hulu app.
  • Choose Log In on the Welcome screen.
  • Then, choose “Activate on a computer”. 
  • On the next screen, an Activation Code appears.
  • Go to and log in if needed.
  • Enter the Hulu activation code that is displayed on your TV screen.
  • The app should then log you in within 30 seconds.
  • Select your Hulu profile from the list and start streaming.

Add Hulu To Roku

  • Add Hulu by clicking the “Add channel” button on your Roku’s channel store.
  • Open the Hulu channel.
  • Choose to activate on your computer.
  • Go to You may need to sign in.
  • It will ask you to enter the device activation code.
  • Enter the respective code to activate Hulu on Roku.
  • Click continue.
  • Once complete, your Hulu channel activates on your Roku and you can watch Hulu on your Roku TV.

Log In Using Email & Password

You can also activate Hulu using your email and password on any device without the need for an activation code.

  • Start the Hulu app.
  • Select Login on the Welcome screen.
  • Choose Log in on this device.
  • Enter your email address and password using the on-screen keyboard, then select login.
  • Select your personal profile from the list and start streaming!
  • Things To Consider

To successfully complete the Hulu activation process:

  • Your device must be connected to an active high-speed internet connection.
  • Verify that your device supports Hulu’s service (see below).
  • You can log in using your email address and password if the above method is too complicated.